Hair Restorer and Conditioner

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When it comes to best hair care, a shampoo is often not enough. With the effects of styling, perming, color treatments, heat, sun and more, using the right conditioner is important to keep hair beautiful and healthy.

Here are some hair types that need regular conditioning:
1. Colored hair, including highlighted or dyed hair.
2. Straightened hair, particularly if chemicals or heat irons are used.
3. Heavily styled hair that frequently uses gels, sprays, or other chemical products.
4. Hair that uses accessories such as clips, ponytail holders, or other items that may break strands.
5. Hair that is excessively dry due to the use of chemicals or exposure to the sun.
6. Naturally unmanageable hair such as curly locks or brittle hair with multiple split ends or other damage.

TouchSkin Hair Restorer and Conditioner deeply penetrates each strand to deliver exceptional nourishing and moisturizing properties.

Capacity Price
35ml S$42.00