Deep Cleansing Facial

For normal to oily skin, this facial includes cool steaming, exfoliation, a light massage and an exfoliating mask. Perfect for problem skin, the special oil-reducing mask performs pore cleansing and oil-reducing function.

75 min: S$45.00

Re-Hydrating Facial

For normal to dry skin, this facial includes warm steaming, exfoliation, and invigorating massage and a different re-hydrating mask and creams.

75 min: S$45.00

Sensitive Skin Facial

Specifically intended for sensitive skin, this facial uses appropriate and extra-mild products to avoid irritation and redness. Instantly calms red, blotchy skin; especially excellent with rosacea-proned condition.

75 min: S$45.00

Long Pampering Facial

Spa addicts will enjoy all the benefits of the re-hydrating facial with soothing and nourishing mask (normal to sensitive skin) or a deep cleansing mask(normal or oily skin) with shoulder and neck massage.

105 min: S$60.00

Facial Peels

Dead skin cells accumulate naturally over the skin blocking pores and causing the skin to loose vitality. This accumulation prevents oxygen and nutrients from reaching active skin cells. Removing these dead skin cells with facial peels will restore skin's natural radiance, refine appearance, and stimulate skin cell renewal. The following facial peels may be added to any of our facials. Clients may customize their facial depending on skin type and objectives.

  • AHA peel: This peel uses 30% to 60% alpha-hydroxy acids to eliminate dead skin cells, freshen complexion and promote outer layer skin renewal. Use this peel to change dry blotchy and sun-damaged skin to smooth moisturized and younger looking skin. In addition, this peel will stimulate collagen and elastin production. (very suitable for sun-damaged pigmented skin)
  • Salicylic peel: This peel is oil-soluble and is highly recommended for acne-prone skin. It eliminates micro particles, which obstruct clogged pores and will facilitate thorough deep pore cleansing. (specially for oily and/or acne-prone skin)
  • Sensitive skin peel: This very gentle yet effective peel will not irritate skin while exfoliating and reviving complexion. Using a low strength of 30% glycolic acid,this peel will restore skin cells for a radiant looking effect. (for all skin type, especially suited for sensitive skin)