Whitening Enzyme Treatment (ET)

A gentle skin polisher containing papaya-derived enzymes that smoothens and brightens even the roughest, dullest of complexions. It helps to dissolve excessive cell build-up on the stratum corneum, soften comedones, and assists in purifying pores. A truly exceptional treatment, that is an essential step of any active skin care program.

Use it in conjunction with our resurfacing peels! It will bring you one "layer" closer to the beautiful skin you are looking for.

Treats these conditions: Uneven skin tone, blotches, pigmentation.
Suitable for these skin types: Dry, sensitive, blotchy, oily and acne-proned.
Duration of treatment: 6 to 8 treatments (Every treatment 7 to 14 days apart).

It is normal to feel the tingling sensation of the enzymes during treatment. Skin may tingle or feel warm in a normal response from the effects of the enzymes.

What is the cost of the treatment?

Eyes: S$50.00
Face: S$95.00
Eyes and face: S$140.00
Face and below jawline: S$115.00
Face, eyes and below jawline: S$160.00
Neck area: S$115.00
Face to neck area: S$210.00